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Choosing Your Glass Straw Size

Choosing the right glass straw size for the right drink may seem like a daunting task, so we're here to simplify it.

There are only four things to consider

  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Straight or Bent
  • Decorated or Plain

Straw Diameter

glass straw sizes


We produce 4 diameters - 8mm (Skinny), 9.5mm (Regular), 12mm (Smoothie) and 14mm (Bubble Tea).

Generally, the thicker the beverage, the bigger you want the inside diameter of your straw to be.

The 14mm Bubble Tea straws (10mm inside dimension) are very large, so unless you are a bubble tea drinker, you can cross this one off your list. 

The 8mm Skinny straws (4mm inside dimension)
are great for hot drinks and slide smoothly into the lid of a Starbucks reusable cup, and the "to go" cups from your favourite coffee place. The Skinny straws are more delicate than our thicker straws, so we only offer a few designs on our Skinnys - floral, squiggles and hearts.

Mid-sized 9.5mm Regulars (5.5mm inside dimension)
are our most popular diameter. They are good for juice, soft drinks, water, and well-blended smoothies. They also fit into the lids that we have for sale under "Accessories".

The wider 12mm Smoothies (8mm inside dimension)
are perfect for smoothies, milkshakes and other icy drinks. We also recommend them for young children. They are more durable, and little hands find them easier to hold onto than the thinner straws.

Straw Length

GlassSippers are available in a variety of lengths, from 6"-10".  Our general rule of thumb for choosing a straw length is to measure your drinking vessel and add 1 1/2- 2". In choosing the length of your GlassSipper it may be helpful to know that most "disposable" plastic straws are 8-9".

6-7” - for mugs, tea cups, wineglasses, kids cups, cocktails.

8” - for soda pop cans, most standard bottles, most standard barware, mason jar mugs, 16 oz 'to-go' cups, 16 oz bottles.

9-10” - for standard soda pop and beer bottles, Starbucks 'vente' 24 oz reusable or 'to-go' cups, large mason jars, 20 oz soda pop bottles, 24 oz bottles.

Straight or Bent

This is a personal preference. Many customers who can't decide at first, get one of each. Customers with disabilities who have difficulty grasping their straw often prefer straight straws. Both straight and bent straws clean easily in the dishwasher and under the tap.

straight and bent glass straw

Decorative or Plain

This too is a personal preference. We believe that even our plain straws have an elegant beauty, but choosing a GlassSipper with a design or critter will make drinking your beverage more fun, visually pleasing, and serve as a great conversation starter.

Most of our customers fall in love with their straws, and we believe you will too. GlassSippers make wonderful gifts for friends and family - and are great for our planet.

Choosing the Right Straw