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Critter Glass Drinking Straws

Our collection of GlassSipper reusable animals and sea creature straws keeps growing. Every one a cutie and a classic. Each critter is unique - made one at a time, by hand, crafted in our studio using lampworking techniques and annealing in our kiln overnight for added strength.

All of our designs are available in regular width, ideal for clear drinks like coffee, tea, sodas and water or juice as well as smoothie width, great for smoothies, iced drinks and milkshakes.  We offer most designs in bubble tea or boba thickness, but if you want one of our designs but don't see it in a boba straw, let us know and we will make it for you.  We even offer some of our animals in an 8mm thickness, ideal for Starbucks cups and other small holed lids, including ladybug, butterfly, dragonfly, flamingo,  and hummingbird. 

Your favourite critter not yet on our list? Let us know!