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About Us

Too many plastic straws.  Too much guilt.  Finally, a solution.


making a glass straw


A lifelong craftsperson, I started making glass beads in 2006, and haven't gotten off my torch since.

Late one night in 2014, frustrated with the mess of plastic straws leaking out of my kitchen drawers, not to mention the environmental guilt I felt using all of those plastic straws, I had a 'eureka' moment. I realized that instead of making glass beads, I could be decorating glass drinking straws.

That night GlassSipper was born.

In the summer of 2016 my husband Fred stopped being a lawyer and joined GlassSipper. Together, we are committed to ridding the world of plastic straws and replacing them with our reusable, toxin-free, environmentally friendly and fun glass drinking straws. 

We live in Vancouver BC, close to the ocean with our 2 teenage boys and border terrier pup. Although the boys use GlassSippers daily, they have yet to join the family business :)

Aimee & Fred


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