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You’ve earned your reputation as a fabulous place for cocktails and dinner. Now it’s time to take things to the next level - with GlassSipper glass drinking straws!

GlassSippers at “Upscale Restaurant” award winner, Vancouver, BC 

Every restaurant and bar owner knows they need a replacement for plastic straws. The award-winning Vancouver restaurant-bar pictured here spent a year experimenting with non-plastic alternatives - and even went strawless for a while. When they didn’t provide straws, customers asked for straws. The paper straws they then provided collapsed and fell apart. Metal, well, feels and tastes like metal. Bamboo left an aftertaste. GlassSippers - by contrast - are robust and durable, free of aftertaste, pleasant to use - and ever so elegant.

We are a local Vancouver company, in business since 2014. We hand-make our straws with the highest quality Czech borosilicate glass, and will customize straws to suit your glassware. Just let us know the length you need, and we will make-to-measure your straws. And because we are local, our turnaround time is super quick.

We understand that you may be hesitant to use glass because of breakage. True, just like your barware, glass straws can break if dropped on the floor. However, because GlassSippers are borosilicate - the strongest glass commercially available - they are more skookum than your other glassware, and will withstand everyday use in a busy restaurant and bar.

Cleaning is easy. The restaurant-bar pictured here uses a tray with a sanitary solution to soak the straws immediately after use, and then runs the straws through the dishwasher during the gap between lunch and dinner, and then again at the end of the evening. They come out sparkling clean every time. Nothing to it! 

Why Use Glass Straws?

  • Glass straws are elegant and unique.
  • Most customers like drinking from a straw, but don't want to use plastic.
  • With glass, the drink tastes like it's supposed to - (you use glassware, after all).
  • Glass is easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Glass can be used with both hot and cold drinks.  


Why Buy From Us?

  • We provide special restaurant pricing.
  • We are a local company and hand make each straw in Vancouver.
  • We use only the highest quality Czech glass.
  • We will customize the exact length to fit your barware.
  • We have a super fast turn around time.
  • We are happy to give you samples to try out.