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Some of your customers still want straws!  What are you going to do?  Some cities (and even countries) are banning the use of plastic straws, while others are just tsk tsking owners who still serve them.  There are alternatives. There's old fashioned paper straws, but they turn mushy with time. There's compostable plastic, but they only composts if put in an industrial strength composting facility but otherwise sit with their plastic counterparts for millennia in the oceans and landfills).  Metal straws are indestructible, but it's difficult to know if they are clean inside and give off a slight metallic taste with some drinks.  You could not provide straws at all, but what about the cocktails, shakes and smoothies that are so much more pleasant to drink with a straw.  And your disabled customers who need a straw.  And the kids who just think it's more fun to drink out of a straw.  Going strawless might not be your best option.

But... have you ever considered glass straws?  Easy to clean and sanitize, elegant, eco friendly and non toxic, and we have a great deal on our simple straight straws. Offer them with a drink, but also sell them to your customers to take home with them.  Our straws are made from borosilicate glass, the same as pyrex, so they are strong, resilient and shatter proof.

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