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Straw Travel Case

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Size Chart
You save: 28% ( $4.00 CAD )

Finally, a hard-sided carrying case for your glass straw! Made out of eco-friendly wheat-straw, this is our best case ever for protecting your glass straws.  

Wheat-straw “plastic” is made from the leftover stalks after the wheat grains are harvested. The wheat-straw plastic is gluten free because it’s made from the stalks, not the grain.  No BPA's or nasty chemicals.

The cases are 24.5 cm long (9 ½”) and 5 cm wide (2”)  and weigh just under 70 grams and can hold straws up to 9" long. We recommend putting a cloth buffer, or using our zippered pouch,  if you are carrying more than one of our designer straws that the designs don’t chip off by rubbing against each other.

GlassSipper wheat-straw plastic cases are

  • strong,

  • non-allergenic and gluten-free,

  • microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, and

  • BPA-free with no harmful toxins.

  • The perfect answer to all your glass straw carrying needs!

straws and brush sold separately.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Victorious (Mannheim, Germany)
Just want I needed

I juice and drink smoothies regularly. Often times, I pack my beverages for on-the-go. I searched numerous online stores for a hard case for my glass straws. GlassSipper had exactly what I was looking for. An extra bonus is that they shipped to Germany. Thank you very much.

Jeffrey Sesma (Huntington Beach, United States)
Straw body armor.

(see title)

Evelyn Zidar (Louisa, United States)
Hold a lot

I ordered 2 cases for us to use when traveling, This way we can use one case for the clean straws and the other case for the used straws. Then once we get to our destination, it will be easy cleanup for case and straws used. I like that we currently have 6 straws in one case. Not limited to drink choices for we have a variety of sizes.

That's a great idea! I'll have to do that on our next camping or road trip! Thanks for the tip.