Lifetime Warranty

Our Lifetime Warranty covers your GlassSipper straw in the event of accidental breakage.

Broken Straw? Please fill out  this form and follow the instructions contained therein for obtaining your replacement. There is no need for you to return your broken straw to us.

We will replace your straw once.  We don't replace replacement straws.

Plain straw replacement requests require proof of purchase.

Don't want to worry about keeping track of your receipts?  Simply Register your straw and we'll keep tabs on which straw you have.

Looking for ways to keep your straw clean and safe?

Try using our pouches to help protect your glass straws not only from breakage but also the outside elements. It also makes for a stylish way to take your straws with you on the go. Properly cleaning your straw is easy; rinsing after use with a brush is the quickest way, but dishwashers work great as well for getting your straw squeaky clean.