Octopus Reusable Glass Drinking Straws

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Sit back and enjoy your beverage as you sip from your octopus glass straw. Get the whole sea-creature crew and save money with our Best Seller Set.


Customer Reviews

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Susan Ketelsen (Cedar Rapids, United States)
Purple octopus

The glass octopus straw is one of my faves in my growing collection of Glass Sipper straws. My only comment/observation is that it seems to be more fragile than her other ones for some reason. I have had two 9 inch octopus’s,(one of which Aimee replaced free of charge) and both broke within a couple of days of using them. I love these beautiful purple creatures, but they just didn’t seem to hold up as well as my other ones. Customer service for Glass Sipper goes above and beyond and is always very prompt with any questions or comments. I look forward to adding more to my growing collection of these adorable straws!

Hi Susan,
I'm so sorry to hear that the octopus broke so easily! It does tend to me more fragile than some, but unless knocked on something hard, shouldn't break. I will get in touch with you to see about replacing this one as well. We don't generally replace the replacement straws, but I worry that this one had a hairline fracture that wasn't noticed.

Anastasia M. (Toronto, Canada)

Love the glass straws. Beautiful and practical.

Jennifer Maisel (Hermitage, United States)
So cute! Worth every penny and the short wait for the mail

I love, love, LOVE this straw. I'm a big "sea-creatures" kind of girl, and the octopus is one of my favorites. This was well made and super cute! I'll definitely be going for the new mermaid straw next. I'm always so impressed by Aimee's beautiful work!

Christine Cyr (Nashua, United States)
She's so cute

I am absolutely in love with her. She is now 1 of 5 that I own. Keep them coming Aimee ❤️

I've got some new ideas for the new year so keep your eyes and ears open! Glad you love your new octopus!

Sheri Lewis (Calgary, Canada)
Straws & case

Gecko(replacement) Octopus, Hummingbird & a specialty Gingerbread Man along with a case. I had had the gecko a number of years before it broke, sent a photo & was replaced. All are beautifully done! Thank you!