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Butterfly Reusable Glass Drinking Straws Combo Pack

Size Guide
Size Chart
Size Chart

Length (inches)
Bent or Straight

One butterfly is nice, but 4 is a party!  Each set comes with a natural bristle brush and our lifetime warranty.  Opaque or Transparent colours - they'll all look great in the sun!

All sets include a free brush.

Please indicate at check out which colour you'd like, otherwise we will provide you with a colour at our discretion.

The butterfly set comes in two colours - opaque or transparent. Please indicate below which one you'd like, otherwise we will provide you with a colour at our discretion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tracey McConnell (Grand Rapids, United States)
Best Straws!!

I have searched and hunted for a quality and cute reusable straw. FOUND IT!! And I loved it so much I bought one for each of my girlfriends!! Can't wait to give it to them!!

Patti Johnson (Lawrence, United States)
4 More Butterfly Straws TO LURVE!!!!!!

Just got my very latest order of The Fabulous GlassSipper (The Glass Sipper) Butterfly Reusable Glass Drinking Straws Combo Pack (LURVE those butterflies, Aimee & Fred!) which also includes a cleaning brush. PLUS, I took advantage of your Buy One Straw & Get One Free Cleaning Brush Offer so I got a total of 4 FREE CLEANING BRUSHES with my order...SWEET!!! BONUS!!! SQUEEEE! 😉 <3

My new four 9-inch bent Butterfly Straws are SIMPLY STUNNING (as usual)! Lurve those colorful Butterflies SOOOO VERY MUCH! I am now The Proud Owner (and User!) of 14 GlassSipper Straws & 8 Cleaning Brushes! <3

Here's the breakdown of My Stunning GlassSipper Straw Collection:

1. Six Bent Smoothie Straws (2 Plain, 2 Butterfly & 2 Hummingbird)

2. Four 7-inch Straws (1 Bent Butterfly, 1 Bent Hummingbird, 1 Straight Butterfly & 1 Straight Hummingbird)

3. Four 9-inch Bent Butterfly Straws

TYSVM for EVERYTHING (GlassSipper)! YOU continue to ECO ROCK MY WORLD!!! <3


Big hugs & lots of love & blessings! 🙂 <3 <3 <3 xoxo xoxo Best wishes! #GSFangirl

Thanks for being such a great fan!!!! And for teaching me lots of new slang. I LURVE it!

Roberta Neudorf (Osler, Canada)
Wonderful product!

I've been using my butterfly straws for a few weeks now. I love them! The taste of my smoothie is great, the length of them fits in my tallest smoothie glass and the diameter is wide enough to accommodate thick concoctions. They are wonderful!

Mark P (Surrey, Canada)
Great product

Bought the butterfly straws as a present for my wife. She loves them! High quality product that looks great.

JOyce OLson (Courtenay, Canada)
Wonderful Whimsy!

I love these straws! Not only are they reusable and good for the environment, they are fun. I love the butterflies, so sweet.