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Lovely Reviews From Lovely Customers

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Skinny 7 and 8mm Reusable Glass Drinking Straws
Jennifer Kroll (Wichita, United States)
Glass straws

Still waiting for them to arrive.

I love this glass straw. It arrived within a week and i have used it already about 5 times. The straw is way better than stainless steel and it makes the drinks taste so much better. The communication between the seller was great. I can highly recommend the seller and I also recommend the glass straw


Regular 9.5mm Reusable Glass Drinking Straws
Rejean Martel (Montreal, Canada)
Glass straws

Very nice glass straws. Perfect sizes. Nice bent. No more plastic straws for me.
Well packed & protected in parcel.

Travel Reusable Glass Drinking Straw Sets
ARCHIE GILES (Pembroke Pines, United States)

Travel Reusable Glass Drinking Straw Sets

Best Straws Ever

We are enjoying using and reusing our new set of glass straws. They work so well with our morning smoothies and even Bubble teas. They really are the best quality glass straws on the market. I’ve tried others and these are excellent. Post-purchase customer service is 5-star!

Clearance Simple Design Sippers
Merry-Sue Adair-Gill (Toronto, Canada)
Ready for use

I am happy with the straws I bought from Aimee over the last few years. So far, even the straws that I gifted to others are still in use. Even the Clearance straws are great.

Bee Reusable Glass Drinking Straws
Garret LeBlanc (Sechelt, Canada)

Great quality, & detail! Makes a fantastic gift. :)

Clearance - Animal Sippers
Monica Manning (Rexdale, Canada)
Great value

I love the straws I purchased. They are both fun and durable and are great to give as gifts.

Clearance - Animal Sippers
Cynthia Knafels (Rockville, United States)

Clearance - Animal Sippers

Perfect smoothie straw and so cute too!

Clearance - Animal Sippers
Rebecca Edworthy (Calgary, Canada)
Amazing product

I love that I no longer have to deal with paper straws disintegrating and the designs are so cutie.

Flamingo Reusable Glass Drinking Straws
Brenda Hughson (Chatham, Canada)
Stocking Stuffers

I hope they like them, I do

Stellar product

What an amazing product. I ordered two smoothie glass straws. It’s amazing to see locally made great products. Will definitely be buying more.

Clearance Simple Design Sippers
LGK (Oakville, Canada)
Additions to our collection of glass straws 😊

Whimsical designs meet awesome function. We are very happy with our new order. Thank you for your excellent customer service.

Skinny 7 and 8mm Reusable Glass Drinking Straws
Susan Swenson (Millbury, United States)

Skinny 7 and 8mm Reusable Glass Drinking Straws

Clearance Simple Design Sippers
Teresa Guardia (Toronto, Canada)
Glass Sipper review

Love my Glass Sipper purchase! I bought a few straw sippers...I thought the website was Glass Slipper-not sipper, haha. These glass straws are the best way to avoid buying plastic straws although to really do that you have to also not order fast food online because drinks always come with an endless supply of plastic straws! If they don't, you are in trouble because then you have a hard time consuming your purchase.

Unicorn Reusable Glass Drinking Straws
MaggieS (Portland, United States)
Unicorn Glass Straw: Not just for Children

Love the unicorn! Well made. Fits my Scottish heritage. I need one on a 9 in regular straw! The 8 inch is a little short for my regular water jar. It does fit my smoothie jar, so may have to get an 8 inch smoothie straw.

Let me know if you'd like to order a 9' straw and I'll send you a discount coupon ;-)

Hummingbird Reusable Glass Drinking Straws
MaggieS (Portland, United States)
Humming bird Glass straw

The humming bird glass straw is beautiful! Better than I was expecting from the photo. Well packaged for shipping. I have been using glass straws for years, from various vendors. Aimee's Glass Slippers are wonderful. I will be buying from her again.

Clearance - Animal Sippers
MaggieS (Portland, United States)
Nice Clearance Sippers

I purchased the heart 8 inch bent smoothie straw and the penguin 8 inch bent regular straw clearance straws. Best part: Glass Sipper is donating the money from the sale to relief organizations benefiting the people of Israel. The bent straws are useful. These are my first two bent glass straws. If I had realized how useful the bend is when drinking, I would have ordered sooner, and more! Definitely buying more. I am thinking useful gifts.

Silicone Mason Jar Lids with Stainless Steel Bands
MaggieS (Portland, United States)
Green Silicone Mason jar lid with stainless steel band

Wonderful product; much better than the Mason jar stainless steel lid with a hole in the middle I have been using. The lid fits my yogurt-jar water jar. The silicone lid holds the glass straw safely. I feel the silicone is gentler on the straw than the stainless steel. If the jar tips over, no leakage and the straw is protected by the silicone in the tip-over. The light green color is nice. I am thinking of ordering a second one for large mouth jars.

Gift Starter Sets Reusable Glass Drinking Straws
Alison Brown (Toronto, Canada)
Great straw

Everything is superior about drinking with these straws. Mine dropped on the floor and shattered. Not at all the fault of the straw!

Dog Reusable Glass Drinking Straws
Margaret McCarthy (Woodridge, United States)

This is my second straw because I needed a different size. They are super cute and durable.

Love em! Thanks for a great product!!!

Floral Glass Straws
Eva Shen (Vancouver, Canada)
Great product

I love the quality of the glass straw and I have been using it for my take-out drinks all the time. The “paper straws” provided by restaurants tend to melt quickly and the glass straw is just so much better!

I'm glad you are able to use them in your take out drinks. Not only are the paper ones not great to use, many have chemicals that we ingest while using them. Thanks for the review!

Clearance Simple Design Sippers
Ele (Saskatoon, Canada)
New glass straws

I like them.