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Kid's Choice

We sell most of our GlassSippers at craft shows across the country (when we aren't experiencing a pandemic!) so have a pretty good idea who likes which design.  We've made this collection of reusable straws that most kids are drawn to.  Of course, there are lots of exceptions, but these stand out as some of our most popular.

We are often asked if it is safe for children to use glass straws.  We always recommend that you supervise young children and only give them glass straws once they are used to glass.  If your child is already drinking out of a glass cup, then they  likely can use a glass straw.  Usually this is age 3 and up, but every child is different.

Our Sippers are made from borosilicate glass (the same traditionally used for Pyrex).  It is the strongest commercially available glass and will not shatter into dangerous splinters when broken.  It will break if knocked against a hard surface or dropped on the floor, but will break into dull pieces.  For this, we have a lifetime warranty!

Children do NOT bite these!  They bite soft plastic straws (and release untold toxins in doing so!) because the material is soft and pliable.  Borosilicate glass is extremely hard, and unless your child frequently bites their metal cutlery, they will not bite their straw.

If you have any questions or concerns, we'd love to hear from you!