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Dinosaur Reusable Glass Drinking Straws

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Size Chart

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Bent or Straight

Little boys love our T-rex dinosaur straw, in bright orange with green highlights or green with orange highlights. 

The dinosaur straw comes in two colours - green and orange. Please indicate below which one you'd like, otherwise we will provide you with a colour at our discretion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
MLH (Ottawa, Canada)
Unique Gift

One of the few items that I ordered that came quickly and in perfect shape. I’m new to ordering on line. I sent an email with a question that was promptly answered. Straws are unique and cute with the animal on the straw. Very happy so far,

So glad to hear that you received your order so quickly and are happy with it. We try and get orders out ASAP, but the mail doesn't always move them as fast as we'd like.

Amy Hamaker (Canyon Country, United States)

I ordered 2 dinosaur glass straws, longest length, bend, and they're absolutely adorable! I love using them--I drink more water now, and I'm doing something good for the planet. I'd highly recommend these straws.

Bardia (Montreal, Canada)
Love my little dinosaur:-)

So far I love all my GlassSippers, and I have a number of them. They are always good quality, well made, unique and just plain cute.

The dinosaur is not exception. I think he's just adorable. I think the ones that have their tongues out are just the cutest. And this is one of those. He's just beautifully made. From his shaping to his little scales on his back.

Adorable and useful.

Darlene Hlozan (Lindsay, Canada)

I just received the Dinosaur Reusable Glass Drinking Straw, and Aimee at Glass Slippers continues to amaze with how delicate, intricate and beautiful these little attached glass critters are!! Being glass, tiny, and attached, you’d think they would require a delicate touch, but not so! They are very strong and durable. I love them. I ordered plain straws a couple years ago, along with a few ‘designer‘ Glass straws... and we reach for those designer ones first. Every time. ❤️

Stevie (Ottawa, Canada)

Amazing straws! My collection keeps growing.