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Boba/Bubble Tea Reusable Glass Drinking Straws

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Size Chart
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Length (inches)

Extra wide (15mm), a GlassSipper straw is the perfect choice for tapioca filled bubble tea. The pearls slide easily up these extra thick straws.

The bottom of the straw is smooth and rounded, so it will not be able to poke a hole in your boba tea. 

Here are some of our favourite solutions:

1)  Make boba at home.  It's cheaper, you can control what goes into it AND you won't have to worry about a plastic cover.

2)  If you're at a boba shop, ask them to put the hole into the plastic cover.

3)  Use a car key or other sharp object to poke an initial hole, and then put your GlassSipper into the opening.


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
terri munroe (Kingston, Canada)
Very large

I bought this for ice caps that I make at home and an ordinary straw is not big enough.
Half way between regular and bubble tea would be perfect.
However, perfect for bubble tea ❤️

Alex Wideman (Belleville, Canada)
Great boba straw

It is the ideal length and diameter of straw for boba. Glass is thick and feels durable (not fragile at all). This is the ideal reusable straw (much nicer than steel or silicone to drink from and clean) and the kicker is that its made here in Canada.

Andre Filion (Levis, Canada)

Excellent service by nice people!

Benoit Daigle (Montreal, Canada)
Great item!

The straws are great. We loved the personal touch with the packaging. Very intimate feeling to the whole interaction. Plus the product is great!!

Max (Montreal, Canada)

I love my bubble tea straws!! It always killed me to have to accept the plastic boba straws that came with the drinks... I never had a choice because the bubbles wouldn’t fit through any other straw (even a smoothie straw). I am so happy to have found GlassSipper and their lovely work! I love being able to support smaller businesses and am 100% satisfied with my boba straws — they’re gorgeous, super easy to clean, and the size is perfect for the tapioca pearls. A+ you guys! Thank-you so much ❤️

We're glad that your your boba sipper is working for you! Bubble tea is one drink that you simply can not drink without a straw.