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10 Reasons Glass is Best

Have you noticed that everywhere we look, new companies are jumping on the reusable straw bandwagon, importing made-in-China straws of metal, glass, bamboo and paper. Happily for us, we still stand out for a number of reasons.  

  • First, no others offer our one-of-a -kind artwork on their mass-production straws. For me the artwork has always been what makes this business exciting (and of course preventing thousands of plastic straws from filling our landfills).  I came to this as a glass artist who loves that there is a better way than plastic straws.
  • Second, we use only the world's finest Czech borosilicate glass tubing. Coloured tubing all comes from China, and we are not willing to take a chance on a product that has not withstood the test of time.  Czech tubing has been used for decades in labs and hospitals, and is the strongest glass commercially available.
  • Third, unlike some other glass straw makers, we anneal our straws overnight in the kiln at 1050 degrees for extra strength.  It takes extra time for us to do this, but it makes your straw more durable.  Never buy a glass straw, or even glass bead, unless it's been annealed.
  • Forth, glass insulates, so hot drinks aren't too hot and cold drinks aren't too cold.  
  • Fifth, we offer our shockingly good "You Break It We Replace It" lifetime warranty.  You might be thinking that glass being fragile is a good reason to buy other types of reusable straws.  And if you have toddlers at home, you'd be right.  However, we believe so deeply that glass is best that we are willing to replace your straw if it breaks.  Glass will break if dropped on a hard surface, but just like grandma's china, treat it well and it will last forever.
  • Sixth, cleanliness is important, and you can sanitized your straw with each dishwasher cycle and see that straw is sparkly clean - inside and out.  Heck, you can even boil it if you'd like.
  • Seventh, everything tastes best with glass.  No metallic or woody aftertaste, no bits of paper stuck to your tongue.  There's a reason that you prefer to drink out of a glass than a metal/plastic/paper cup.  Glass tastes best!
  • Eighth, we know you care about your health and so do we.  Glass is Toxin-free - no BPA's or chemicals that might be leeching into your bloodstream.  Pure and simple - glass.
  • Ninth, comfortable in your mouth.  No rough or sharp edges, no strange texture, just smooth rounded edges that feel great.
  • Tenth,  glass is elegant.  Simple or decorated, our straws look great.  That's why some of the best restaurants and bars in the world are choosing to serve drinks with glass straws.