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How to carry your glass straw.

We are often asked "what is best way is to carry a glass straw"?  Until recently, our only solution was our zippered cloth pouch, which are great, and we love, and probably use more than anything else because they are light and easy and don't take up much room.

However, we also wanted to offer something that was sturdier that could be crammed into a backpack full of textbooks and computers, or survive being on the bottom of a purse filled with who knows what.

After trying a LOT of different materials, we have finally found a hard-sided carrying case for your glass straw! Made out of eco-friendly wheat-straw “plastic” this is our best case ever for protecting your glass straws.  In the 6 years that we’ve been making glass straws, we’ve been searching  for the optimal solution for carrying them safely.  Although our straws are sturdy, we don’t want to worry about transporting them while travelling or on the go.

We have our zippered cloth cases, which we love, and carry everywhere, but we wanted something more protective with hard sides for those of us that might be a bit rougher on our straws. In fact, we find that the best way to carry a glass straw is using both, the cloth pouch as an insulator, and the hard case as a protector.  Between these two, your straws are pretty much bombproof!


zippered pouch and hard case for reusable straws

We’ve tried wood, bamboo and metal cases but all had shortcomings. If you’ve ever finished a green smoothie, you know that you need to rinse it off immediately or the straw will leave smoothie all over your case.  Wood bamboo and metal cases were all difficult to wash, and impossible to sanitize.  Plus, bamboo was too short, wood too heavy, and metal rusted. Although plastic seemed like a perfect choice in that it is washable and strong, we want to AVOID plastic not produce more of it.

Enter wheat-straw “plastic” which is made from the leftover stalks after the wheat grains are harvested. The wheat-straw plastic is gluten free because it’s made from the stalks, not the grain. In the past the stalks have been treated as waste. In some countries, farmers burn it, adding pollution to the air. However, the stalks have value as the main component of wheat straw plastics. The farmers make more money and we have an amazing plastic alternative!


wheat stocks

Some sources say bioplastics like wheat-straw plastic are compostable, but composting bioplastics is complicated and we don’t recommend putting these in your garden, or even a city compost.  But you won’t need to, because you will find a zillion uses for these little cases in addition to carrying your Glass Sipper.  

Add cutlery alongside a straw in your new case and you’re ready for lunch on the go.  Keep one in your purse or backpack and another in your car’s glovebox so you’re never without a straw and cutlery.  Being prepared isn’t always easy, but these washable cases make it a breeze.

The cases are 24.5 cm long (9 ½”) and 5 cm wide (2”)  and weigh just over 50 grams.  You can put straws up to 9” long in these cases, and if you’re feeding a crowd, you can put up to 10 plain regular straws or over a dozen skinny straws!  We recommend putting a cloth buffer if you are carrying more than one of our designer straws so that the designs don’t chip off with rubbing against each other.

hard case with 2 glass straws and brush

GlassSipper wheat-straw plastic cases are strong, non-allergenic and gluten-free, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, and BPA-free with no harmful toxins. The perfect answer to all your glass straw carrying needs!