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Our Most Asked Questions about Glass Straws

Can a child bite through a

glass straw?

We’ve all chewed straws. Those plastic straws that are so chewy it’s almost like gum with no flavour. Without even noticing what we’re doing, we’re chomping down on something soft.

So it’s natural to wonder if we might forget that we’re sipping a glass straw and accidentally chomp on that and break it. 

But if you’ve ever tried a glass straw, you would know that it could NEVER happen.

Our straws are made from laboratory quality borosilicate glass, the strongest glass possible, much stronger than your typical glass ware. It would be like biting down on a metal fork. No give and no fun. 

Don’t try though, or you might find that you’ve broken a tooth, not our straw!

What if my sipper is chipped or broken?

Of course, if a sipper is broken or has a chip, let us know and we’ll issue you a coupon code for a replacement straw. Just like you wouldn’t drink out of a chipped or broken glass, we don’t want you sipping a broken sipper. 

Will they break?

Our straws are made from laboratory-grade borosilicate--the same material used in test tubes from the Czech Republic. The glass we use is the highest quality in the world, because we care about something you are going to put in your mouth.

Borosilicate is a much stronger type of glass than the soda-lime compound used in the vast majority of drinking glasses. It has a very high heat threshold (so it's perfect for hot or cold drinks!) But it is still GLASS so if your sippers are dropped on a hard surface or knocked against something hard they might break!

The strongest are the plain straws. When we add decorations, they become more fragile, but will still last years if not dropped! And yet, we still offer the lifetime warranty (every straw can be replaced once if it breaks but we don’t replace replacements).

GlassSippers are safe!

In deciding if Glass Sippers are suitable for your child, you need to ask if your child understands that glass can break. If they are already drinking out of a glass cup, then they’re probably ready. We generally find that most kids over the age of 4 or 5 can use a glass straw responsibly. However, we recommend that parents use caution when giving glass straws to children of any age.. If you envision your kids using them in a sword fight, steer clear. On the other hand, many parents use glass straws to entice their children to drink healthy smoothies (we called my son’s green smoothie “dinosaur juice” and gave him a dinosaur straw to drink it with)! Many teens love our straws, especially with turtles and octopus on them - emblems of ocean conservation..

Still worried? Glass straws are toxic free, encourage drinking more water (or anything beverage, so easy on the cocktails!) and make every beverage taste better and cleaner.

We know that once you try glass, you’ll never want to sip from anything but. Try it! You won’t be disappointed!