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Broken Straws

Although our GlassSippers are made of borosilicate glass, the strongest glass available on the market, they can break if they drop on a hard surface.  Granite, tile, cement are not friends of GlassSippers.  And an accidental bang against a plate while unloading the dishwasher can cause them to break in 2.  They don't shatter into dangerous shards, but they will break, and when they do, we replace them.

That's right.  You break 'em, and we replace 'em.

Why do we do this?

We want you to buy them.  We want you to feel comfortable giving them to your family, your friends, and enjoying them yourselves.  We believe that glass straws are the best way to sip, for all kinds of reasons.  No toxins to enter your body, no plastic to enter landfills and oceans, and no taste of plastic, metal or paper to ruin your drink.   Because of the relatively thick glass wall, you can sip hot beverages as well as cold ones.  And just like Pyrex, which is also borosilicate glass, you can pour boiling water on your straw and it won't break.

But if it does, we will replace it.

At the bottom of our home page is a link to the "my straw broke" form.  Fill it out, upload a photo, and in a short time you will receive a coupon code for the value of your straw towards a replacement.  All you pay is the shipping.  Unless you order enough straws to qualify for free shipping.