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Special Day Glass Straw Set

What better way to show you care with a gift of a Glass Sipper heart and a flower glass straw set. For a special occasion or just to let someone know you're thinking of them, it's the perfect gift.  Each set comes as a pair of 2 glass straws with gentle bends, and a cleaning brush.

We make each Glass Sipper straw by hand in our Vancouver BC studio using an ancient technique called lamp-working. We create our critters and designs by melting, then fusing, coloured glass onto clear-glass straws with a 2000 F degree torch. GlassSipper uses only the highest quality borosilicate glass from the Czech Republic, the same glass used to make Pyrex glassware. Our straws are natural, strong, toxin-free and can be used 100’s of times. Good for hot and cold beverages, Glass Sippers are dishwasher and microwave safe.

A portion of your purchase price goes to fund SeaSmart School, a local non-profit committed to getting young people excited about safeguarding our oceans.

The floral straw comes in three colours - pink, purple and orange. Please indicate below which one you'd like, otherwise we will provide you with a colour at our discretion.

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