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Softy Silicone Straws

We're all about glass straws, but we know that some of your little ones don't want to sip out of plastic, and some of them aren't ready for glass.  So we're offering these 9" bendable (and cuttable if 9" is too long) silicone straws made from non harmful food grade silicone. Silicone is a non-plastic BPA free material that has unique properties which make it an ideal material for drinking straws and other kitchenware. Each batch of silicone used to make Softy Straws is inspected for quality and purity by the FDA and rohS. 

These silicone straws wide enough to make drinking a smoothie a breeze, but work great with clear drinks as well. Plus, the silicone material is tasteless and bendable like a traditional plastic straw. These straws would be ideal for children because they’re soft, difficult to break, and come in a variety of fun colours.

In place of a cleaning brush, they also have a unique squeegee that you can pull through the straw to remove debris. This seems both easier and more accurate at cleaning the straws as it pulls everything through.

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