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Floral Glass Straws

Size Guide
Size Chart
Size Chart

Length (inches)
Bent or Straight

Everyone loves daisies, and these are just begging to be included in your Sunday brunch. 

The Floral straw comes in a variety of colours - pink, purple, red and orange. Please indicate your choice below, otherwise we will provide you with a colour at our discretion.

*SALE flower straws come in limited colours, determined by existing inventory.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Kelly rogers (Surrey, Canada)

I’ve purchased a few of these as gifts, and they always turn out so well! Packaged beautifully and securely. Great gift idea!

Laura Little (Toronto, Canada)

This straw was a swift-and-painless replacement for one that broke and I'm re-loving using it again. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend GlassSipper to others!

Rosemary Bell (Mississauga, Canada)
Floral glass straw!

Love these easy to clean and great designs!

Straws (Toronto, Canada)
Every straw is perfect

I have straight, bent, smoothie, regular sizes and each is perfect... I love them and environmentally lovely... Everyone can have their own straw for work, play, and safe socializing.

Barbara Chaitman (Montreal, Canada)
A beatilrul little flower

The flower straw is just beautiful. Having a choice of colour is always nice too, mine is in pink This straw always seems to give an elegant touch to my drinks. And I just love the way the flower stem curls around the straw too.

I got mine mid-summer, when flowers are actually blooming around me outdoors. But I am sure it will be an especially welcome straw in winter, When snow is all around. Then I can still have a beautiful flower nearby to hold onto till the real ones come back. :-)