Why we're selling in US dollars

I am writing to update everyone on how we're doing at GlassSipper, and on some changes brought on by the impact of Covid-19.

I started GlassSipper in 2014. Since then GlassSipper has evolved. For the first few years I had no website and sold almost all my straws at craft shows. In 2016 my husband Fred quit his lawyer day job and joined GlassSipper. Around that time I slowly started to wholesale to a few stores and in 2017 we added the website. Since 2017 GlassSipper sales shifted to the point of being fairly evenly divided 1/3-1/3-1/3 between craft shows, wholesale and our website.

Then Covid-19 hit and everything instantly changed. All craft shows were cancelled and our retail stores, struggling to survive, have mostly held off on new orders. During the last few months we have been entirely dependent on website sales. 

But we're not complaining. In fact, we are grateful that our website has been able to see us through this crisis. And we're working hard to reach out to potential new GlassSipper-lovers who don't know about us yet. Up until now GlassSipper's audience has been primarily Canadian. As proud Canadians, now more than ever, we are profoundly grateful to our Canadian customers who have supported us since we started up 6 years ago. 

In the absence of craft shows and wholesale orders that overnight took away around 2/3s of our sales, we've put our energies into expanding our website audience. And thankfully we've found that many of our eco-friendly American neighbours are pretty excited to discover us.  However, we've also found that many Americans have a hard time dealing with a website that is not in US dollars. It would seem that we Canadians are more adaptable in this regard.

We've done two things to cope with this impact of Covid-19. To make our website more user-friendly for our much-needed new audience we've just switched our website to US dollars. But please don't worry - the website displays a currency converter so it's easy to quickly see the Canadian prices. Prices on plain straws and accessories remain unchanged, though we have needed to modestly increase the cost of our artistic straws by 15%, our first price increase in over two years. 

At the same time we are offering our Canadian customers a 15% discount coupon for all our artistic straws valid at least until the end of 2020. You can use it over and over and can pass it on to your Canadian friends and family.

All in all we're doing well in the circumstances and feeling positive about the future. And would love to hear from you.

We hope you'll still enjoy shopping at GlassSipper for our unique and fun hand made reusable straws.

With much gratitude,